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Friday, Aug 5, 2011 | by CasinoGuide

Online casino players have it great as far as taking advantage of tons of exclusive casino bonuses, but one big advantage of playing at live casinos is that many offer free drinks to players.

Those "free" drinks can turn into pretty expensive ones if Lady Luck isn't on your side at the roulette or craps tables, but at least a beer or cocktail on the house can take some of the sting out.

We can't help turn your luck around, but we can pass along a few quick tips for getting the best free drink service while at the casino.

Free drink strategy is far less complicated than learning perfect basic strategy at blackjack, so you'll be sipping cocktails in no time.

1) Shoot for the Moon: The cardinal rule of getting the best drink service is to aim high and be specific. Never order a screwdriver, as you're guaranteed to get the cheapest vodka they have lying around.

Always ask for a top shelf brand like Grey Goose and orange juice, as the worst thing that can happen is the cocktail waitress will tell you that your specified liquor isn't available and that you'll have to order the cheaper vodka.

2) Feed the Machine: If you're just looking for a quick beer or drink, take a seat at many of the bars scattered throughout casinos that have video poker machines and feed a $100 bill in.

Poke around the different games and wait for the bartender to take your order and serve you.

Nine times out of 10 they don't care whether you're actually playing or not and just look to see that you put money in the machine, so once you get your drink cash out and enjoy the free drink.

3) The Higher the Better: If you play table games at higher limits (green $25 chips and up) you'll tend to get slightly faster service and they'll often accommodate more drink requests.

If you're playing penny slots, the odds of getting elaborate mixed drinks are pretty low; play blackjack at $200/hand and they'll pretty much serve you anything from the bar that you ask for.

4) The Swankier the Better: The nicer Vegas strip casinos such as the Wynn, Venetian/Palazzo and Bellagio tend to have more complimentary drink options available for players, whereas you shouldn't expect much other than the bare-bones basics at the Imperial Palace or O'Sheas.

It may be convenient to gamble where you're staying, but sometimes you're better off walking a few blocks to a nicer casino - especially if they comp your favorite import beer there or other drinks.

5) Tip Well Early: Cocktail waitresses definitely remember big tippers.

It can add up to more than a few extra drinks if you make an early impression with a big tip, as you often get much faster service.

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