Beat the Craps Out Of the Casinos: How to Play and Win by Frank Scoblete

Beat the Craps Out Of the Casinos: How to Play and Win by Frank Scoblete

Friday, May 30, 2008 | By CasinoGuide

Frank Scoblete is one of the nation's foremost authorities on gambling. Scoblete has written books and given seminars all over the U.S. on how to beat casino games, with a special emphasis given to craps and blackjack.

Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos

In his book "Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos, How to Play and Win," Scoblete focuses on getting an edge in one of his favorite games: craps. In this book, Scoblete transmits information given to him by the mysterious "Captain," a successful high rolling craps player. The Captain's Five Count System, Scoblete suggests, will make you a winning craps player.


The Five Count System

The idea behind the five count follows the idea of many betting systems, where a player tries to maximize his benefit from a winning streak and minimize his exposure to a losing streak. The basic idea is as follows: If the shooter rolls a point, that is a one count. Count three more rolls after that to get to the four count. Then wait until a point number is rolled. Once it is, you have a five count and can put your money down.


Effectiveness of Beat the Craps Out of the Casinos

The five count system is predicated on the idea that there are actually "hot" shooters, players who, either because of the rhythmic roll they have developed or some other intangible factor tend to roll more winners than others. There is little hard evidence to suggest this is the case, although Dr. Don Catlin has done a 200 million roll simulation that suggested that a five count player would lose about half as much as a random player. In addition, Scoblete claims that five count players earn casino comps more quickly and with less risk than players who bet on every shooter.

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