Beginner´s Guide To Online Keno - Spots, Limits, Terminology

Wednesday, Apr 15, 2009 | by CasinoGuide

Many players who originally enjoyed live casino keno have made the transition to video keno.

Video keno players can play at their own pace rather than having to wait for a keno caller to start the action. Those who enjoy video keno should consider taking the next step to online keno.

Online keno is indistinguishable from video keno and you don't need to do any travelling to get to the game.

Keno Terminology

There is very specific terminology that goes along with keno. You don't need to know this terminology to play, but it establishes a useful way of talking about the game. Each keno game is called a "race." The numbers you pick are called "spots," and when one of your numbers hits it is called "catching a spot." So if you choose eight spots, you may have to catch at least five to win any money during a given race.

Choosing Your Spots

Your chances of winning are not necessarily better if you pick 15 numbers as opposed to seven. The payout odds are whatever the software is set to and may be different from one keno game to another. The only exception is a single number bet, which is universally the poorest odds bet in keno pretty much anywhere you play.

Setting Limits

Unlike live keno, online games can go very quickly and you can play 10 games or more in about 30 seconds if you choose the same numbers every time or have the computer randomly select the numbers. Be sure to pace yourself and make sure your bankroll is sufficient for the stakes of keno you are playing.




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