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The Gambling Commission


What Defines A Reputable Online Casino?


A reputable online casino doesn't just make good on payments, though obviously that's highly important. A reputable casino will also give players a fighting chance with high payout percentages and ample bonuses, both when a player registers and throughout the gaming experience.

One of the major complaints about online gambling is the pay cycle. People have been known to accuse online casinos of being disreputable because of not being paid immediately. There is a misconception that your pot will go immediately into your bank account. This isn't true.

Online casinos have a number of different payment cycles. The most common are credit and debit cards. A credit card can take as long as three weeks to be processed. A debit card is a much faster way of getting payment - around three business days.

There have been complaints regarding the payment cycle not being fast enough. People sometimes go to online casinos looking for quick money. They might have some bills to pay and are looking for a way to make payment. This is not advised but it has been known to happen. What they'll find is that the money isn't immediately available. These players will then accuse the casino of faulty practices, when in fact the casino has done nothing wrong.

A debit card is more risky being that the money is being taken directly from your bank account. However, it's advantageous for two reasons. Firstly, as mentioned, the payment cycle is faster. Secondly, the money is credited directly to and from your account. On some credit cards, a casino credit may be seen as a cash advance. This money will have a higher APR than a straight credit card purchase.

Again, this is not the casino's fault. It is up to the player to determine the fine print on his or her credit card and bank statement. The question shouldn't be when a casino makes a payment, but if.

If a casino does not make good on a payment three days, three weeks, or three months from now, then you do have recourse and can lodge a complaint. This is when it is vitally important to play at a casino with a strong customer support apparatus. If there's no telephone or email support, you could be left out to dry.


You also don't want a customer support operation that moves at a snail's pace: being put on hold for half the day or returning an email two weeks later. When starting an account with an online casino, you want to be sure you'll find help should a problem arise. This may never happen but you'll feel confident as you play should something go wrong.

The Gambling Commission

Remember that online gambling is overseen by a gambling commission in the site's host country. If you have a grievance with a particular site, you could contact the gambling commission which may be able to sort through the problem, perhaps even shutting down a site. Your best "bet," though, is to play at a site that has a good reputation for both fair games and fair payment.