Are We Ready For Some Football?

January 30, 2010

The only time I watch football on Television is when the Washington Foreskins are in the playoffs, and apparently, they just barely missed making it this year.

Had they won a mere 7 more regular season games, they would have earned the ability to choke in the first round.  They were this close.

RFK stadium remains the only place on the planet at which I have seen a live NFL game, and now that I live in Las Vegas, it looks like this streak will stay intact.


This is a shame.  I kind of liked the game as a kid.  I met Joe Theismann, John Riggins, Art Monk, Mark Moseley, and I even played football for a period of time.  Unfortunately, I had a pathological inability to gain weight.  Until age 25, I was 6’4 1/2″ tall (I have shrunk about an inch since then), and I could not break 175lbs no matter how hard I tried.  Hell, I had to eat like a pig just to break 165 (those were the days).  This meant that I could only play finesse positions such as Quarterback, Cornerback, or Wide Receiver, but the only thing holding me back from excelling at these positions was the very minor fact that I sucked.  My career was kind of over when the tide shifted and teams started wanting good quarterbacks.  I was hoping that it would just be a fad, but the whole “good player” thing caught on with most football teams.  What can I tell you, the world is a superficial place.

Fortunately, I was cut out for the wonderful world of basketball, and the rest is history.  “History” being defined as getting off to a pretty good start, and then inuring both knees.

Still, my hands were fine, and it was at this point that I turned to full contact origami, where I rein as the undisputed champion to this day.  My crane can totally destroy your crane, and the Hilton currently has me as a 20 point favorite in the overweight fatass division.

Anyway, my point is that I used to be somewhat of a sports fan/participant, but I haven’t actually followed a sport in over a decade, unless it was to wager.  In 2009, I almost completely ignored the NFL, and the season has practically flown by.

Today, I finally looked online and found out who was playing in the Super Bowl.

New Orleans is playing Indianapolis, and I don’t care about either of them from a fan perspective, so it will be interesting trying to cultivate a bet card.

On a side note, the sports manager for the Wynn seems to be predicting record breaking crowds this year.  According to the Las Vegas Sun:

“I believe that the total handle for the state will be a nice number,” said John Avello, race and sports book director at Wynn Las Vegas. “It could be the biggest number of all time.”

The current record for Super Bowl wagering is $94.5 million, or in Las Vegas currency, approximately 1,890,000 grams of cocaine.

Oddly enough, the gaming control board begs to differ with the Wynn:

Frank Streshley, Nevada Gaming Control Board analyst, said he was not expecting a major increase from last year’s betting total of $81.5 million.

“With the economy still down, I don’t think you are going to see it break any records,” Streshley said. “I wouldn’t be surprised if it beats last year because of the interest with these two teams, but we don’t expect anything drastic.”

Somebody is full of shit, but I’m not sure which of these two experts it will be.

Since I am TV-less, I have yet to scout out a venue at which to watch the game … or even if I’m going to watch the game.  I need to find favorable wagers that do something for me to make a three hour television commitment.

Given the ~5 point line, betting the underdog with points as I usually do, seems a statistically unattractive proposition.

I’ll pick up a bet sheet this weekend and go to work helping my local economy.

Let the number crunching begin.

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