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November 30, 2009

Online gambling

Online gambling

The UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforecemnt Act) was scheduled to take effect tomorrow, December 1st, 2009. What this Act will mean is that it is no longer legal to gamble online in the USA. Sort of. It is my understanding that it is already illegal to gamble online technically (thank George Bush), but unenforceable because there is nothing to stop people from using their credit cards online. UIGEA is an attempt to plug that hole.

This hole plugger was scheduled to go into effect tomorrow, but, there was a bit of a delay. Department of the Treasury and the Federal Reserve Board announced the big date has been pushed to June 1st, 2010. So, gamble your little heart out online if you so desire. Barney Frank has been pushing for something a little different to happen on this issue, as in basically not happen at all in the way it is currently written.

The compliance date being put off has little to do with justice and the American Way and has a lot to do with your basic stall. They are arguing over the meaning of “unlawful Internet gambling.” Or maybe that is the American Way, stall the deal until you can get your gunners lined up and the enemy surrounded. They pushed to stall it one year and they were given six months. If you’d like to see the official announcement, it is here.

At any rate, there is a hearing happening on December 3rd , 2009. They are going to discuss H.R. 2266, Reasonable Prudence in Regulation Act, and H.R. 2267, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act. You can watch the show down online.

There seems to be a lot of arguing going on, although they aren’t exactly calling it arguing. There is only so much of the legal mumbo jumbo I can tolerate before I start seeing designs the letters make on the paper and I can no longer comprehend their meaning. It looks to me that those who want this thing gotten rid of are going to push to make the meaning of “unlawful Internet gambling” to mean nothing more than participating online in picking boogers and betting on whether they are going to come out yellow or green. Once they succeed in doing that then they’ve neutered the whole thing. Problem solved.

The banks are screaming something along the lines of, “Gee, we don’t understand what exactly you want us to do, so we cannot comply.” There are many Congressmen yelling about going back to square one and rewriting the thing a little more favorably to gamblers, and the poker people are just going plain nuts over it all. And not once have I seen this mentioned on the news. I see crap about where Tiger Woods might have or might not have put his willy lately, but not a damn thing about taking away our rights to gamble online if we so choose.

Once someone put me onto to this story, I haven’t been able to let it go. It really bothers me. It is taking away a freedom. I’m still all kinds of pissed off about that new anti-smoking law in Nevada. Okay, that’s so not new anymore but I’m pissed just like it was voted in yesterday. Now some former coke head, former drunk and now former President decided he was going to save people from themselves. It just isn’t right. Bush should have just moved to Utah if he wanted to legislate morality. He’d fit right in up there. I strongly feel people should be able to do what they want. Rule #1 in recovery is to stay the fuck out of other people’s business that doesn’t concern you.

Damn, got on my soap box again. Sorry about that.

I did write my Congressman about this. Well, in this case, it was Congresswoman. I was quite clear I wanted to cheer her on in her support of Barney Frank’s idea, that I wanted an update on the situation for my readers. What did she send me? A dumbass form letter thanking me for writing and how she’s so goddamned concerned about my opinions. She made no attempt to answer my questions and the best I can tell, never even read my email. She will be remembered on election day. Google is doing a fine job answering my questions now that she’s elected and too busy to give a rat’s ass about her consituent’s right to be informed.

At least when I wrote that putz Senator Bennet about wanting a visa to visit Cuba, he politely wrote back and told me exactly where I could shove that idea. Somehow today, I have a little more respect for that jackass.

So, there ya have it. You have six months to gamble your little guts out online without being shut down by ‘the man.’ Oh, and you have a show on December 3rd, which you can watch online… while gambling online in your other open browser, I presume.

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