Casino Profile: Micky Rosa

Casino Profile: Micky Rosa

Thursday, Nov 15, 2007 | By CasinoGuide

Micky Rosa is a renowned blackjack player who was featured in the best-selling book "Bringing Down the House: The Inside Story of Six MIT Students Who Took Vegas For Millions" by Ben Mezrich. Rosa was an assistant professor at MIT and he organized groups of bright young students into a formidable card counting teams.

MIT Blackjack Team

During the 1990s, Rosa backed a very profitable team of students that would make frequent trips to Vegas and other casino-friendly destinations throughout the country. This was the MIT Blackjack Club. It was like a secret college fraternity that recruited students to learn and expand upon the practice of team card counting. Kids who were geeky engineering students and math majors were suddenly thrown into a world of high-stakes blackjack . These MIT nerds took on new, high-rolling identities. Casino comps and lavish parties became part of the experience.

Micky Rosa was an excellent card counter who enjoyed success until he was banned from the casinos. Rosa and additional investors would provide the finances necessary to fund these team card counting excursions. Team members would disguise themselves and use non-verbal cues to communicate certain table conditions to the other MIT players in the casino.

Team Roles

Each team member had a different role. "The Back Spotter" would not sit at the table. This person counted cards from a distance and signaled other team members when the house was at a disadvantage. "The Spotter" was seated at the actual table. This person made minimum bets and then motioned to the other team players the moment the table's deck become favorable. "The Gorilla" placed big bets everywhere and was directed to certain "friendly" tables by the spotters. "The Big Player" is the big-money, high rolling, bankroll-dropping all-star who placed massive bets on tables that have been identified as having friendly decks.

After a weekend of working the blackjack tables, these students would fly back to Boston with hundreds of thousands of dollars in chips and tons of cold hard cash. Chips would be stuffed into backpacks and some of the group members strapped bricks of hundred bills to their legs so that they would not arouse suspicion when transporting their winnings back to college.

The exploits of Rosa's MIT Blackjack Team have made their way to a best-selling book, a History Channel documentary and even an upcoming feature film. Micky Rosa is a powerful figure in the game of Blackjack. He was a final table finisher in the first season of GSN's "World Series of Blackjack," his reputation as a formidable Blackjack player is firmly cemented.

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