How to Beat the Wheel - Two Roulette Books by Real Winners

Wednesday, Oct 29, 2008 | by CasinoGuide

Is it possible to beat a game of roulette? Most say that it isn't but others beg to differ. We take a deeper look at two books by authors who claim that they can play the game with positive expectation.


Beating the Wheel: The System That Has Won Over Six Million Dollars from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo - By R. T. Barnhart


"Beating the Wheel: The System That Has Won over Six Million Dollars from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo," by R. T. Barnhart, is part history book and part roulette strategy. People who enjoy the game of roulette, even if they are not looking to "break the bank," are likely to enjoy this breakdown of wheel-beaters throughout the years.

Beating the Wheel: History

The book begins by talking about the earliest roulette wheel beaters and the methods they used, whether it was having a confederate control the ball, hunting down biased wheels, or adding chips to winning bets. The book moves from the oldest roulette champions like Joseph Jaggers, who broke the bank at Monte Carlo, to modern players in not only Monte Carlo, but Reno, Las Vegas and Atlantic City, who made a fortune on roulette by finding biased wheels.

Beating the Wheel: Strategy

The book then moves on to explain how an unbiased wheel works, how a player can gain an advantage, and how to practice wheel tracking or wheel "clocking," essentially watching a pattern of numbers to determine if a roulette wheel is biased. There is also a section on what to do with a biased wheel, although this should be obvious.

Beating the Wheel: Success

Modern roulette wheels are finely balanced to avoid bias, so someone's ability to find a biased wheel in the modern era is questionable, and there are no biased wheels online. However, the book's entertainment value may make it a worthwhile read for many roulette fans despite this.


Gamble To Win Roulette - By R D Ellison

"Gamble to Win Roulette" is one book in the Gamble to Win series by R.D. Ellison, which includes "Gamble to Win Craps" and "Gamble to Win: A Complete Guide for the Serious Player." In his book, Ellison discusses basic roulette ideas and strategies for winning.

Gamble to Win Roulette Strategies

Ellison takes a clinical approach to the game, with various creatively named strategies like Surgical Strike, Angel and the Sledgehammer and 3Q/A Reverse Select. For gamblers who are only familiar with the Martingale System (a betting system wherein the player doubles his bet every time he loses, a system that has been proven doomed to failure), this will add some welcome variety and food for thought to their roulette game.

Ellison also looks at the Internet casino, since playing roulette online has evolved as another popular way to approach the game of roulette.


Winning at Roulette

Ellison contends that his method gives the player a nearly eight percent edge by identifying a trend. Most experts believe that these trends do not exist in modern wheels, although Ellison claims he has statistical evidence to back up his argument.

Curious roulette players may want to look at Ellison's strategies, but they should not necessarily expect to rack up big wins as a result. In addition, online roulette wheels, which are powered by random number generators, almost certainly do not exhibit any foreseeable trend.

Most roulette players will give themselves their best chance to win by playing at tables with only one zero and with favorable rules regarding even money bets such as en prison and la partage.



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