Making A Living Playing Video Poker

Making A Living Playing Video Poker

Thursday, Aug 24, 2006 | By CasinoGuide

There are many people who make a living playing games. Some people play baseball, some play golf, some play poker and some even play Video Poker. At one point in time, Video Poker machines were only available in land-based casinos. Now, however, they are also available in the comfort of your home on the Internet at many different websites.


It is possible to make a living playing Video poker as long as you remain faithful to the important strategies necessary. As with any game you play, whether it be to earn a living or for fun, it is imperative for you to practice. Practice is one the main ingredients in making you better at the things that you do. Now, keep in mind, it can sometimes be painful. And, while it may not be physical pain that you endure when playing Video Poker, it may be monetary pain because sometimes you do lose money. No matter what kind of professional you are, you can't win 'em all. Losing is a part of the game.

In addition to practice, many people use strategy cards. In the past creating strategy cards was a time consuming activity. Now, though, there is software available for purchase (relatively inexpensive) that you simply add information to it and it will create multiple strategy cards for you. What's awesome about strategy cards is that they are completely legal - so whether you are playing on the Internet or at a land-based casino, you can bring them along with you to assist with your playing.

You can find useful Video Poker tips here at casinoguide and there are also other online resources available. There are main definite rules that should be followed when playing specific games and each different type of Video Poker that is out there has different tips and different strategies used to win. You want to make sure you are playing on machines with good pay outs - the main machines that I always hear about playing on are the ones that pay nine times what you play for a full house and six times what you play for a flush. These machines tend to have the best pay out scale. Whether or not you play machines with progressive jackpots is completely up to you. Some people prefer these kinds of machines only because when they hit the awesome royal flush - they also ensure an incredible jackpot. But keep in mind that their payouts are usually not as good as the ones on regular machines.

You also need to have patience and discipline when you play. You should always be analyzing how you play - did you do your best today? Take your time when you are playing - watch your errors so you can notice what you have done wrong. There is also software available in the market that you can buy that will assist you with analyzing your Video Poker playing skills. It will tell you when you have made mistake, what your mistake was and what you should have done instead of what you did do.

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