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UK Gambling Timeline

In 1934, it became legal to arrange small lotteries in the U.K. Big nationwide lotteries, however, could just be established by the government.

In 1960, the British government introduced the new Betting and Gaming Act, which gave the go-ahead for opening of betting shops, made small-stake betting on skill games like bridge legal and allowed pubs to offer games on fruit (slot) machines. The main reason was to take gaming off the streets and higher penalties for illegal street gaming were therefore introduced.

This Act started a virtual avalanche of new betting shops and casinos, and during the following five years, 1,000 casinos and 10,000 bookies were introduced. However, the Betting and Gaming Act didn’t put an end to the illegal activity that had surrounded gambling for quite some time – on the contrary. The many loopholes in the law made it possible for anyone who wanted to open a casino to do so. Due to this, casinos and betting shops became the perfect cover for criminal activity.

In 1970 the British government had to make revisions in the Gaming Act which resulted in far stricter restrictions for those providing real-money gambling. It became considerably tougher to get a gambling licence, and even though this didn’t get rid of al criminal elements that had been drawn to the world of gambling, people couldn’t just open a bookie and lauder their dirty money anymore.

In 1993 the largest lottery in the UK, the National Lottery, was introduced. It became an instant success and since the launch it has raised billions of pounds for good causes. Since the rake (the cut that the house takes) is as high as 55%, quite a lot of money has been distributed back to the society.

In the mid 1990s the invention of online gambling reshaped the world of gaming. Here are some of the highlights:

1994: Microgaming, still one of the largest casino software providers, is founded.

1996: InterCasino becomes the first online casino site to accept real-money wagers.

1998: The online-gambling revenues climb to $834.5 million.

2001: The Gambling Review Report is released in the U.K., which encourages the legalization of online gambling in Britain.

2002: The online-gambling revenues climb to $4.5 billion.

2006: There are now somewhere around 2,300 gambling sites online.

2008: Although the United States government has released an Internet gambling ban (UIGEA), shows higher profit than expected. The European Union starts an investigation of the gambling laws in the U.S.


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