Videos of Tony G Insulting His Opponents and Acting Out-of-Line

Wednesday, May 28, 2008 | by CasinoGuide

There are poker players with an attitude, poker players with a bad attitude, and then there is Tony G. This Aussie player has won almost $3 million in tournaments altogether and is without a doubt a skilled player. However, he is an incredibly sore loser, but unfortunately, an even worse winner.

Perhaps he has developed a winning strategy with his aggressive table talk and bases his strategy on getting under his opponents' skin. Just watch the video below when Tony G, or Antanas Gouga which is his real name, plays Surindar Sunar heads-up in the Paris World Poker Tour tournament. Here, it seems like Tony's coffeehousing gets to Surindar.



So you thought he was out of line? You haven't seen nothing yet. In the 2006 Intercontinental Poker championship, Tony G had the honor to represent Australia. If this would have been a meeting in the United Nations instead of an international poker tournament, Australia would probably have instigated the third world war.




But nobody is perfect. Sometimes Tony G forgets to be a mean bastard. In the video below, he actually seems to have some kind of sympathy for his opponent.





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