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Friday, Jul 22, 2011 | by CasinoGuide

Casinos make a great backdrop for movies of all sorts, as the neon lights of Vegas and spinning roulette wheels conjure up their own unique appeal for many movie-goers.

From depressingly realistic to light-hearted fun, there's a little something for everyone in the casino movie genre.

With no further ado, here are our picks for some great casino-themed flicks to check out:

Casino: No list of great casino movies would be complete without this eponymously film that stars Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, and Sharon Stone.

No stone is left unturned or dark corner unexplored in this gritty film about the mob, Las Vegas, and the depths that people will sink to when greed kicks in.

The Hangover: Vegas is just as well-known for its bachelor party hi-jinks as for its gambling, and The Hangover definitely gets maximum mileage out of both.

21: The famed blackjack card counting team from MIT is in action here, taking Las Vegas casinos for millions before the house catches on and strikes back.

Oceans 11: Both the 1960 original film and the 2001 re-make of Oceans 11 take the heist genre to new heights, with Vegas the crown jewel that draws the crack crew of thieves to try their luck for a big score.

Casino Royale: James Bond has spent his fair share of time in casinos, both in the original (released in 1967) as well as in the recent remake starring Daniel Craig as Bond, where he takes time out from trotting the globe to play some poker to go along with his usual baccarat.

The Cooler: This is likely one of the better casino movies you've never heard of, featuring William Macy and Alec Baldwin in an unlikely love story set in Sin City.

Rounders: Very little of the action in Rounders occurs in proper casinos but it's hard to leave off one of the most popular poker movies of all time from any list of great casino or gambling films.

Leaving Las Vegas: Another film that only deals tangentially in the casino scene but it's set in Las Vegas and one of a handful (or, you know, one or two) Nic Cage films that are actually watchable.

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