Golden Tiger (GoldenTiger) Casino Review and Bonus Code -

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You may feel Golden after you play at Golden Tiger casino- so many people come away winners its hard not to feel that way. They accomplish this by having a large, 110-game selection, featuring some of the best, most creative and highest-paying progressive jackpot games that you can possibly find. The card and slot selection is particularly attractive. The customer service is top-notch, and is great for international players, since many agents are multi-lingual. The bonuses are great, as is the other things they offer to players, such as a detailed transcript of all your financial dealings with the site, so that you can see your history log on command with just a few clicks. Like many casinos, Golden Tiger is a part of a larger conglomerate of casinos in a network called the ?Casino Rewards Program?, which actually lets you accumulate and share points across the entire network, making it advantageous for you to open accounts at any or all of their casinos.