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Maybe you haven’t heard about Reef Casino. It is one of the smaller casinos in the online gambling world. However, when digging a bit deeper one realizes that this is in a way a very familiar place for someone that has played casino games on the Internet before. Reef Club Casino is run by casino giants Casino on Net. It is managed by the same people and everything that has made Casino on Net famous; the great customer support and fast money transactions are shared with its sister company Reef Casino. It has a very elegant design, and the 3D graphics and amazing sound effects make this one of the most realistic online casinos in the business. They offer a wide range of games; table and card games such as roulette, blackjack and craps and of course slots, video poker and casino poker games. Everything designed so that the gambler gets a real casino experience. They currently offer a 20% match bonus up to $50 for all new players. They also run many different monthly promotions such as $20 \"Simple Salmon\" bonus, $50 \"Blackjack Comeback\" and a 10% \"Happy Hour\" bonus of up to $200. If you are interested in these promotions or Reef Casino’s beautifully designed games just pay their homepage a visit.