Caribbean Stud / Caribbean Poker

Caribbean Stud Poker, commonly referred to as just Carribean Stud or Stud Poker, is one of the lesser known casino games. It is a poker game with one important difference compared with regular poker: you play against a dealer and not other players. Here you will find some useful tips on how to become a better player that will increase your chances of winning. If you don't know the rules already and want to learn the basics you can find the Carribean Stud rules here.

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Caribbean Stud Money Management

Money managent is important in Carribean Stud Poker and the more you know about to handle your bankroll the easier it will be to stretch your bankroll playing the game.

If you are a Caribbean Stud poker player, remember these simple rules for keeping yourself in action.

Know Your Loss Rate

When played correctly, the house edge for Caribbean stud is around five percent. This means you can expect to lose about $5 for every $100 worth of Caribbean stud that you play. Calculate how much money you put into action per hour and figure out if your bankroll can withstand losing five percent of that for each hour that you play. If you don't think it can, move down to lower limits or wait until you can increase your bankroll to play.

Know When To Quit

There's nothing wrong with continuing to play long enough to give the odds a chance to even out a little bit, but once you've gone through the amount you've allotted for yourself to play, chalk it up to a losing session and move on. Sure, things may turn around, but they might get worse, and there's always a chance that more luck will be with you on a different day.

Don't Raise Your Bets When You Lose

Some people think a strategy of raising or doubling their bets when they lose to get even more quickly is a good way to get back in the plus column. The fact is that employing such a strategy leaves you open to having your bankroll completely wiped out by an untimely losing streak. When you are losing, continue to play your best game or quit if you don't think you can.