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Online Casino Reviews

Online Casino Reviews

When deciding which of the seemingly innumerable online casinos to play at, online casino reviews are absolutely essential. They enable you to get a feel for a casino before making the commitment of signing up.

The online casino reviews here at CasinoGuide are some of the most thorough and in-depth you will find on the web. We examine every aspect of the casino that might affect your decision and sum it up into a simple 5-star rating.

Our list below contains the best casinos according to our dozens of online casino reviews. You can find the review itself by clicking the ‘Read Review’ button.

What We Look At In Our Casino Reviews

What should you look for when comparing online casino reviews? With the number of online casino sites available, it’s hard to know which one to choose.

It will likely prove impossible to find a casino which is perfect in every way. So you may want to consider your priorities before diving into our online casino reviews. What’s more important to you – bonuses or games, payment speed or security, design or support?

The simple fact is that different online casino sites have different advantages, and some features may be more appealing to certain players than others. In all of our online casino reviews, the following crucial features are put under the magnifying glass.


You may be thinking: “How much difference can the design of an online casino site make? I’m there to play and win, not admire the scenery!” – and to some extent, you’d be right. The majority of players are generally content to play at any online casino, as long as it offers the right bonuses or games. Substance over style is a trend you will see throughout the online casino landscape.

However, it’s important to remember that design does not only relate to appearance. Arguably the most important aspect of an online casino’s design is its usability – also known as its ability to provide a satisfactory user experience (UX). If a website is not easy enough to navigate and use, even the best bonuses and games will struggle to make up for it.

When we consider design in our online casino reviews, we also take into account any unique features that casino may offer. These will naturally vary wildly between online casino reviews, with examples including offering virtual reality casino games and rewards for playing via gamification. The mobile compatibility of the casino site and provision of apps on Android and iPhone (where applicable) are also considered.


When comparing online casino reviews, you should always be on the lookout for big sign up bonuses. These bonuses can really inflate your bankroll and boost the amount you have to play with from the start. Offering a big welcome bonus is an online casino’s most powerful draw factor, but the bonuses shouldn’t end there.

Any online casino worth its salt knows that player retention is just as important as drawing in new players. That’s why you should expect to receive plenty more bonus offers even after signing up and making your first deposit. Such bonuses are typically referred to as reload bonuses, loyalty bonuses, or VIP bonuses – and delivered via email in the form of bonus codes. Our online casino reviews examine the offers provided to both new and existing players, in depth.

Wagering requirements are an important consideration, too. These are the terms and conditions that you must meet in order to be able to eventually withdraw your bonus money. Wagering requirements are used by every casino offering a bonus, in order to protect themselves from players simply claiming the bonus and then withdrawing it without playing a game. Each of our online casino reviews contains a reminder to check the wagering requirements of your bonus once at the casino website itself.


Almost all casino sites offer some varieties of popular online casino games like Blackjack, Roulette and Slots. But for many players, more importance lies in which varieties of these games are on offer. This is particularly true when it comes to Slots enthusiasts – and with casino software developers adding more to their libraries every month, there is truly something for everyone.

As you will see in our online casino reviews, operators generally offer games provided by between 1-5 software developers. A majority of online casinos use software from the three biggest developers; NetEnt, Microgaming, and Playtech. But as you’ll see in our online casino reviews there are smaller networks providing more kinds of unique games. Many casino sites allow you to play for free so you can get a feel for how much you enjoy the games they have to offer.

Although Slots is unquestionably the most popular casino game nowadays, new innovations are bringing classic table games back into the fold. Live dealer casinos, for example, have revitalised the popularity of Blackjack, Roulette, and even Baccarat. The concept of a live dealer casino game is simple; you play with a real person via webcam and enjoy some personal interaction while seeing your game happen in real-time. Virtual reality casino games take this concept even further – expect to see more of these in the coming years.

Payment Options

Our online casino reviews will also give you vital information about your prospective casino which you may not have even thought to check; its payment options. This information can be found within our online casino reviews, divided into deposits and withdrawals.

Being able to use your favoured payment option is an important aspect to consider when comparing online casinos. It can be enormously frustrating, going to make your deposit and finding that your PayPal account isn’t accepted, or that the casino doesn’t accept bank transfers.

In fact, there are dozens of casino payment options – the most popular of which can be found right here on CasinoGuide. We have dedicated pages for each one – all containing lists of recommended casinos offering that payment option. Remember to bear in mind that these payment options are only available at casinos which are legally operating in regulated markets.

Customer Support

Another factor that you may not usually consider until the moment you need it. Customer support is certainly one aspect that online casinos have to get right – one poorly handled situation can result in serious brand damage.

Our online casino reviews contain information on how to get in touch with your casino should something go awry. Most casinos offer two or more of the following channels for contacting them:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Live chat
  • Twitter

You also don't want customer support that moves at a snail's pace: putting you on hold for half the day or returning your email two weeks late. That’s why our online casino reviews include each casino’s SLA (service level agreement), where available. We also know what languages they speak – perfect if you are not a native English speaker!


There are a wide range of security factors for us to consider when writing online casino reviews. At the most basic level this means ensuring the security of your personal data and of the website itself. But also worth considering is the site’s trustworthiness and reputation – as well as any certifications or licenses it has. Here at CasinoGuide, we won't recommend any casino to you that isn't legally operating in a regulated region, but it's always best to do your own research on this to make extra sure.

Fair play is a crucial consideration. Any online casino worth a damn should offer you, the player, a fair and random chance to win the games you play. All of our online casino reviews feature casinos which have proven themselves in this regard. But you don’t need to take our word for it; look at the casino’s payout percentage. Anything over 95% is most likely fine, and naturally the higher it is, the better.

There are certain independent organisations who oversee online casinos to ensure they are fair and well-managed. eCOGRA, for example, regularly audit the games at online casinos to check that the random number generator (RNG) being used is indeed random. Look for the eCOGRA logo in the casino’s footer and in the security section on our review pages. And of course there are regulatory bodies that make sure casinos follow the applicable laws - you should not play at an online casino that isn't regulated to operate in your region.

Comparing Online Casino Reviews

The six criteria outlined above should give you a strong basis upon which to compare and contrast your prospective online casinos. Of course there are other factors to consider too, but these are the most important.

The list of recommended casinos above contains only casinos that are legal and regulated in your region, and is intended to provide you with a starting point for your comparison. Seeing the casinos listed alongside one another and compared like-for-like will simplify the decision-making process for you.

Our dedicated pages can help too. If you know that you only want to play a certain game, such as Blackjack, you can simply head to our online Blackjack page to see the best casinos for that game. If you need to be able to make and receive payments through PayPal, our PayPal casinos page will point you in the right direction. We like to live up to our name here at CasinoGuide - guiding your online casino experience!

Make Your Choice And Play Today!

Checking online casino reviews is an essential part of deciding where to play. Our in-depth reviews give you much more information than you’d get by simply looking at a logo and a bonus amount.

Simply choose a few legal and regulated online casino reviews to check out, and find your perfect online casino today!