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In the 21st Century, you have options when it comes to slots gaming. In the past, you could only play slot machines when you were fortunate enough to be in an area of legalized gambling such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City or an Indian casino. Now, thanks to online casinos, a slot machine is as close as your home computer.


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Advantages For Online Slots
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Advantages Comparison

Which alternative is better? Should you head out for live casino slots action or try online slots from your very own home? There are advantages and disadvantages to each, listed below.

Advantages For Online Slots


Live slot machine play used to be dominated by the hunt for "loose" machines, machines that were more likely to pay out than others were. Some players felt that the looser machines were at the front of the casino where passers-by could see them being hit; others felt that you could only find a loose machine in a bank of tight machines. With online slots, the hunt for loose machines is over. It is possible to find out specifically what the payback is for an online slot casino and to choose the ones with the highest payback. Some online slots pay back as much as 95 percent of every dollar put in, sometimes even more. The best live slot machines usually pay back only around 90 percent.

If you are playing in a brick-and-mortar casino the payout of the best slots machine is usually around 90 percent. In other words: it is a big difference between playing on live or online slots machines when it comes to winning percentages. You should definitely choose to play casino slots online if the most important thing for you is to just have a good time and increasing your chances to win by minimizing the house edge.


While there are many different slot machines in a live casino, the number of machines is still finite and there may not be any seats available for the game you like to play. This is never a problem with online slots. Any machine you like, anytime, day or night, is available to you. Online slots allow instant action however and whenever you want. What you choose to do with the options provided is up to you.

Advantages For Live Slots

Casino Atmosphere

Online slots have a variety of different games to entertain and amuse players. In the end though, all you are looking at is a flat screen with computerized sounds. Anyone who has been in a live casino knows the awesome display presented by a bank of actual slot machines. The different colors, bells, lights and whistles are a sight to behold. You really do get a more complete casino experience when playing slots in a live casino.

Casino Awareness

Although casino operators do their best to make you forget about the outside world, the reality is that when you're in a casino, you know you're in a casino. Even if you are completely caught up in your slot game, external factors such as running out of money or the fact that your bus is leaving will stop you eventually. When you play slots at home, there is nothing to slow you down, and if you lack discipline, you can burn through way more than your set bankroll without even realizing it.

The Benefits Of Playing Slot Machine Games With Maximum Bets

Both live- and online slot machines feature the option to play multiple coins, thus allowing the player to make bigger bets than was possible on the machines of the old days. Modern slot machines, both live machines and online slots, feature the option to play multiple coins. Some of these multi-coin machines give you more pay lines on which to win, but most are multiplier machines that multiply the amount that you win when you do win. Although you may approach slot machines with the attitude that one coin equals one spin, conventional wisdom is that you should play the maximum amount of coins on every spin. Here's why.

Maximum Payout

The first reason is the most obvious. The more you play, the more you can win. Of course, you are risking more as well, but if you manage your bankroll so that you have plenty of room to play at the machine you've chosen, you should be able to have fun going for the bigger scores without putting too much of that bankroll at risk.

Ease of Play

If you need to figure out how many coins to play each time you spin, it will slow down your overall experience. On the other hand, if you're playing the maximum every time, you can just hit the "bet max coins" button every time you want to spin.

The following text will explain why slots games should always be played with maximum coin bets.

Progressive Jackpot

This is the most important reason to play the maximum amount of coins. Progressive slot machines offer huge, sometimes astronomical progressive jackpots for hitting a very rare set of symbols. Hitting one of these jackpots can keep your slot play in the black forever. However, you can't win the progressive jackpot unless you bet the maximum number of coins on the spin where you hit it. It would be a disaster to hit such a massive long shot and not get properly paid off for it.

How to Play Slots With Max Coins

You may be thinking "I'm not prepared to risk $5 a spin. If I hit a bad run on this machine, I'm going to have a short day. A dollar or two per spin is my limit." All you have to do is move down from a dollar machine to a quarter machine and you're okay. You're only risking $1.25 per spin and you can still reap all the advantages of playing the max. Another possibility is not to play a five-coin machine. If you play a two-coin dollar machine, you can play the max each time for only $2 and still be eligible for any jackpots or bonuses for playing the full amount.