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In the 21st Century, you have options when it comes to slots gaming. In the past, you could only play slot machines when you were fortunate enough to be in an area of legalized gambling such as Las Vegas, Atlantic City or an Indian casino. Now, thanks to online casinos, a slot machine is as close as your home computer.


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Advantages For Online Slots
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Advantages Comparison

Which alternative is better? Should you head out for live casino slots action or try online slots from your very own home? There are advantages and disadvantages to each, listed below.

Advantages For Online Slots


Live slot machine play used to be dominated by the hunt for "loose" machines, machines that were more likely to pay out than others were. Some players felt that the looser machines were at the front of the casino where passers-by could see them being hit; others felt that you could only find a loose machine in a bank of tight machines. With online slots, the hunt for loose machines is over. It is possible to find out specifically what the payback is for an online slot casino and to choose the ones with the highest payback. Some online slots pay back as much as 95 percent of every dollar put in, sometimes even more. The best live slot machines usually pay back only around 90 percent.

If you are playing in a brick-and-mortar casino the payout of the best slots machine is usually around 90 percent. In other words: it is a big difference between playing on live or online slots machines when it comes to winning percentages. You should definitely choose to play casino slots online if the most important thing for you is to just have a good time and increasing your chances to win by minimizing the house edge.


While there are many different slot machines in a live casino, the number of machines is still finite and there may not be any seats available for the game you like to play. This is never a problem with online slots. Any machine you like, anytime, day or night, is available to you. Online slots allow instant action however and whenever you want. What you choose to do with the options provided is up to you.

Advantages For Live Slots

Casino Atmosphere

Online slots have a variety of different games to entertain and amuse players. In the end though, all you are looking at is a flat screen with computerized sounds. Anyone who has been in a live casino knows the awesome display presented by a bank of actual slot machines. The different colors, bells, lights and whistles are a sight to behold. You really do get a more complete casino experience when playing slots in a live casino.

Casino Awareness

Although casino operators do their best to make you forget about the outside world, the reality is that when you're in a casino, you know you're in a casino. Even if you are completely caught up in your slot game, external factors such as running out of money or the fact that your bus is leaving will stop you eventually. When you play slots at home, there is nothing to slow you down, and if you lack discipline, you can burn through way more than your set bankroll without even realizing it.

The Benefits Of Playing Slot Machine Games With Maximum Bets

Both live- and online slot machines feature the option to play multiple coins, thus allowing the player to make bigger bets than was possible on the machines of the old days. Modern slot machines, both live machines and online slots, feature the option to play multiple coins. Some of these multi-coin machines give you more pay lines on which to win, but most are multiplier machines that multiply the amount that you win when you do win. Although you may approach slot machines with the attitude that one coin equals one spin, conventional wisdom is that you should play the maximum amount of coins on every spin. Here's why.

Maximum Payout

The first reason is the most obvious. The more you play, the more you can win. Of course, you are risking more as well, but if you manage your bankroll so that you have plenty of room to play at the machine you've chosen, you should be able to have fun going for the bigger scores without putting too much of that bankroll at risk.

Ease of Play

If you need to figure out how many coins to play each time you spin, it will slow down your overall experience. On the other hand, if you're playing the maximum every time, you can just hit the "bet max coins" button every time you want to spin.

The following text will explain why slots games should always be played with maximum coin bets.

Progressive Jackpot

This is the most important reason to play the maximum amount of coins. Progressive slot machines offer huge, sometimes astronomical progressive jackpots for hitting a very rare set of symbols. Hitting one of these jackpots can keep your slot play in the black forever. However, you can't win the progressive jackpot unless you bet the maximum number of coins on the spin where you hit it. It would be a disaster to hit such a massive long shot and not get properly paid off for it.

How to Play Slots With Max Coins

You may be thinking "I'm not prepared to risk $5 a spin. If I hit a bad run on this machine, I'm going to have a short day. A dollar or two per spin is my limit." All you have to do is move down from a dollar machine to a quarter machine and you're okay. You're only risking $1.25 per spin and you can still reap all the advantages of playing the max. Another possibility is not to play a five-coin machine. If you play a two-coin dollar machine, you can play the max each time for only $2 and still be eligible for any jackpots or bonuses for playing the full amount.

" The Random Number Generator (or RNG) is what makes the slot machines run. Not fully having a good grasp on how the slot machine works will not benefit you. Each slot machine contains a microprocessor

The Random Number Generator (or RNG) is what makes the slot machines run. Not fully having a good grasp on how the slot machine works will not benefit you. Each slot machine contains a microprocessor inside the machine. This microprocessor, similar to a personal computer, runs a program. This program is the RNG. What does RNG do? It generates the numbers that go along with the slot machine's symbols on the reels.

The RNG is always working at fractions of a second to continuously pick out numbers at random (or chance). The Random Number Generator creates a value of almost any number (excluding negatives) and then translates a certain group of numbers to match up with the symbols on the reels. Therefore, each spins produces a result that is directly related to the number picked by the RNG. When you slip a coin into the slot or activate the spin button, this number is generated.

The Random Number Generator is like a computer program. A series of instructions for generating the numbers, called an algorithm or formula, is used by the RNG. Slot machines contain many virtual stops permitted by the micro processing technology. There are numerous amounts of combinations that can come about, and each full set of combinations (possible spin outcomes) is called a cycle. However, don't let this fool you into thinking the slot machine has ""cycles"" of winning and losing. Each possible combination doesn't come up once and then it starts a new cycle; no, that isn't how it works - it's just a slots myth.

The Random Number Generator will randomly select a number associated with a space (or symbol) in the reel, to create a final combination. A symbol on one of the reels can come up once, twice, multiple times, or not at all throughout multiple plays. It doesn't matter to the RNG. It won't pick each space on the reel an equal number of times; that's what makes it all random! It is similar to picking a number out of a hat. Although, instead of keeping the number out of the hat and picking again, the number is put back into the hat, and you randomly choose again. The second time, you might pick that same number, or you might not.

Have you ever seen someone leave a slot machine and the next player comes up to immediately win a jackpot? You might have wondered, had that first player stayed just a tad longer, he or she would have won the jackpot instead! There is a good chance that would not have happened. Also, the first player didn't make it ""easier"" for the second player to win. Why? It's in the timing; meaning, whenever a player hits that button on the slot machine to get the results, it's still all random. Remember, the RNG selects number randomly, and numbers are chosen at a small fraction of a second. How likely is it that the first player would have hit the button at the exact same millisecond that the second player did? Obviously, it isn't very likely.

If you have more questions about how casino games work, please visit Casino Guide's FAQ 


" Playing online slots is simple and entertaining. On today's Internet landscape, there are many options and ways to play online slots. Here are a few ideas that you should consider when exploring slots online.

Research Payback

Online slot machines work by a random generator designed so that the game pays out a certain percentage of every dollar it takes. This factor is known as payback.

An online slot with 92 percent payback pays back 92 cents out of each dollar and keeps eight cents, making it's a game with a House edge of eight percent. If you can, try to find a game with as high a payback percentage as possible. Anything over 95 percent is good. Anything under 90 percent should be avoided.

Research Different Games

Players new to online slots will be amazed at the selection of games now available. There are online slots games with five, ten or 20 lines or more to play at once.

There are games with bonus games within the game. There are games linked to progressive jackpots and even games with animated storylines that reveal themselves as you play. Take the time to explore all the online slot options until you find the games that you really like.

Play the Maximum on Progressive Machines

A progressive online slot has a progressive prize pool that grows as you play. If you hit a very rare combination of symbols, you win the progressive jackpot. In the traditional linked progressive, everyone playing that type of machine pays into the same prize pool, so the prize pool can sometimes reach astronomical numbers.

However, if you do not play the maximum number of coins allowed per spin, you will not be eligible for the progressive jackpot. If you hit the rare combination, you will win a much smaller payout. Since the chances are infinitesimal of someone hitting the combination twice, you want to be very sure that you have all five (or whatever the maximum is) coins in play when playing a progressive machine.

" " Five things every slots player should do.

Play max coins: If you only play a single coin, you will win a minimal amount, no matter how good a combination of symbols you hit on. If you play max coins, however you will be eligible for things like higher payouts or even a Progressive jackpot, if one is attached to your particular Slot machine.

Understand paylines: This is mostly aimed at Video Slots, which can sometimes have as much as 25 paylines. You must understand that in cases like these, it is not enough to play max coins. You can play max coins, but if you only did it on one payline and there are 25, then you still will not win the biggest payout or Progressive jackpot. In order to get the biggest win possible for your symbol combination, you must play not only max coins but also max paylines. It may cost more, but when you win you will be happy you did so. Understand the Slots variation you choose.

Do not become a zombie: A 'zombie' is an industry term for a Slots player who sits in front of a machine in a trance and mindlessly puts more and more money into it. If you feel yourself becoming a zombie, it's a good idea to get up, walk around, take a break or move to another game. Staying with one machine, especially if it's not paying out, can be frustrating and lead to big losses. Move around or take breaks, but never become a zombie.

Understand the bonus rounds: A bonus round is an excellent way to increase a win, but be aware that if you lose, you will lose your win, too. For instance, let's say that you won two dollars off your spin, and you enter the bonus round. There are many ways the bonus round can be played- for instance, some ask for you to pick between black and red or a suit of cards, etc. If you pick the right one, you have increased your win. If you pick the wrong one, your win may go bye-bye. So be absolutely sure you feel comfortable with potentially losing your win before you engage in a bonus round.

Use the full download version of software: While it may be quicker to use the Flash version of a casino's software, these are very limited in the amount of games they offer. If a casino advertises 100 games you can play, they are talking about the downloadable version, not Flash or Java. In fact, the no-download versions usually have a bare-bones amount of games, and only a small fraction of the Slots games you would have if you used the full version. So if you want the max amount of fun Slots games to choose from, always use the fully downloadable version.

" " Because slot machines are relative newcomers to the gambling scene, there's little doubt about their history or their evolution. Early slots prototypes date back only as far as 1870. Even though Charles Fey didn't develop his first slot machine until 1894, and it wasn't the first slot machine, he is universally considered the Father of the Slot Machine.

Originally from the Bavarian region in Germany, Fey's life took a series of serendipitous twists, ultimately leading to his immigration to America. He first settled in New Jersey before moving west to California. Shortly after moving to California, Fey was diagnosed with tuberculosis in his twenties. The doctors gave him a year to live, but he managed to cheat death and alter the course of gambling history.

It wasn't until Fey was in his early thirties that he devised the first slot machine in 1895. His early influence has survived and can be seen even on today's modern computerized machines. It was during his tenure at a Munich farm tool factory that he developed his insatiable appetite for anything mechanical, and a mechanical savant was born.

Slots history can be divided into three distinguishable eras, each leaving a lasting footprint on the industry today:

The mechanical era The electromechanical era The computerized era

Fey's prototype mechanical machine used cards rather than the fruit we see today. It did, however, ring a bell each time the player won, an amenity that has survived the test of time.

Fey is probably best known for his cast-iron Liberty Bell slot. Each of three reels held ten symbols. Three of the same symbols on the pay line paid the jackpot, with a one in one-thousand chance of winning the jackpot.

The Mechanical Era

Fey owned the mechanical era through his introduction of the three-reel slot machine. Just as Bill Gates' dominance of the computer industry began in his garage, Fey's dominance of the slots industry began in his basement. Based loosely on the lottery game, Policy, Fey placed his slot machines on a 50% rental basis.


The Electromechanical Era

The electromechanical era dominated the mid-twentieth century-the lackluster era of the slot machine. The highlight of the era was the release of Big Bertha, who was soon upstaged by Super Big Bertha. Super Big Bertha cost north of $150,000 to produce, was powered by a five-horsepower motor, and had 8 reels with 20 symbols per reel. All this power paid back only 80% to the players and the odds of hitting the jackpot were only 1 in 25.6 billion.


The Computerized Era

Today's machines are computerized, relying on pre-programmed random number generators to generate numbers that correspond to patterns of symbols on the reels. Many machines use video to simulate reels, and fewer and fewer machines accept coins. Slots are rapidly moving into the coinless era, and players are moving from the casinos to the Internet slots, a venue that allows them instant play regardless of their location. The internal workings of today's machine bear little technological resemblance to the original Fey machine, but the look and feel of the slot machine still bears Charles Fey's indelible stamp.

" " Slots Glossary - Learn all terms used in the game.

Bonus Feature:
On bonus Slots, a combination will start the bonus feature which allows the player to add to their payout. It usually involves either another game play or free bonus spins.
Rare machine that has more payout options if you play max coins. Playing a single coin would only activate one set of winning combos, while playing max coins would unlock more.
Coin Size:
The size of a bet on a single spin. For instance, if you wish to play a quarter slot, the coin size is a quarter.
Slang term for a win on a Slot machine.
Max Bet:
The largest amount of coins you are allowed to play on one spin. Even if you are playing a quarter slot, most allow for a max bet of two or more coins in order to win a larger payout should you hit on a winning combo.
Slang term for a player who will only play a single coin at a time.
Progressive Jackpot:
A large sum of money that increases with every spin that can be won if the player hits on a particular combination during play.
The winning line or lines on a Slot machine, as indicated by the pay table.
The amount a machine awards a customer for a particular win.
Payout Percentage:
The amount of every wager put into a Slot machine that is given back to the customer as a win, or payout. If a machine is said to have a 98% payout percentage, then that means that 98 cents out of every dollar is given back to customers in payouts, while the two cents leftover is the casino""s take.
Pay Table:
Chart on a Slot machine that shows how much money is won on every type of winning combination.
Random Number Generator:
A computer program used by online casinos to randomly pick times for all wins, small or Progressive. This type of sophisticated program ensures that all wins and payouts are fair and honest for the customers.
The wheels inside of the Slot machine that spin around when in play. Where they land determines if a play is a win or not.
Static Jackpot:
A predetermined jackpot that does not change at all, no matter how many people play it or how many times it pays out.
Staggered Payout:
A payout chart that gives more money to plays that included more coins. For instance a large Progressive Jackpot would never be paid out to a player who only played one coin, they would have to play the max amount of coins to win big.
The pictures on the reels used to determine wins. The traditional ones include stars, fruit and numbers, but today can include just about anything that stays with the theme of the machine.
Take Cycle:
Theory by Slots players that a machine will not payout again after it has just made a payout. Because online casinos use RNG, this is a false assumption.
Common name for a Slot machine malfunction. Usually a malfunction voids all plays and you must wait till it is fixed to play again.
Winning Combination:
The different combinations of symbols on the reels that must hit on a machine in order for a payout to occur.
On some Slot machines, this is a symbol that can be substituted for any other symbol in order for a payout to occur.
Slang term for a player who sits at the same machine and plays it over and over mindlessly, without switching machines or any other variation at all.

" " Slot machines have evolved a lot since the days of a single payline. Not only are there ones with multiple paylines and more than the standard three reels, but some games have gone high-tech, with amazing video-slot features that almost resemble video games.


Below is a list and description of the most popular types of slots variations, along with examples of each type that you would find at an online casino.

Free Slots

Believe it or not, more and more online casinos are offering free slots. These are often called ""fun machines,"" ""demo"" or ""practice games.""

Of course, if you hit on a winning combination in these free games, then you don't get any money, since none was wagered. But these slots provide a very good service in that they allow a player to get familiar with each type of slot machine offered by that particular casino.

They also allow for people to preserve their bankroll while elongating their playing time by letting people play for free.


Traditional Slots

These are remarkably similar to the original slot machines that came about in the 1800s. Traditional slots have only three reels and only one payline.

They can be played with single or multiple coins though to increase your payout should you hit on a winning combination.

Popular examples of this type of slot on the internet would be Pharoah's Fortune, Cash Splash, Diamond 7s and Wow Pot.

Read more about the history of slots.


Five-Reel Slots

This is exactly what it sounds like, a traditional slot with two extra reels on it.

The extra reels usually make the game more exciting and can also make for more winning combinations as well. Many video slots are five reels as well.

Two popular five-reel slots are Treasure Nile and Genie's Gems.


Multi-Line Slots

This can be either a traditional three-reel game or the fancier five-reel game. Either way, this type of slot would have more than one payline.

There could be three, five or more different ways to win. Some of the more popular video slots have even 20 or more ways to win. These lines can be horizontal, cross-ways or even some odd combination of slanted or crooked lines.

Some examples at online casinos include Flower Power, Fruit Fiesta and Treasure Nile.

Progressive Slots

This type of Slot is a part of a group of Slots that have a jackpot connecting them. The jackpot increases with each play.

It's of course very hard to hit the jackpot. Sometimes it can sit ther fore a year without anyone hitting the right combination.

When someone does, however, the payout is obviously huge.


Bonus Slots

This is a slot machine (typically video slots) that, after a win allows for a bonus round of play.

Depending on the type of bonus round, you can double your winnings, or go even further and multiply them many times over.

In some cases, you're taken to a bonus screen where you play a game separate from the main slot view.

Either way, a bonus game don't cost you anything. When you reach there, you can only win.

" "

Free Slot Machine Game

Free slots machine Freesoftware - no download Great for learning before
playing for real!

You’ve seen them lined up everywhere, in brick-and-mortar and online casinos – the slot machines. An advantage with this version of the game is that it allows you to play on free online slots machines to practice. Below, you find one of the best free slot machines on the Net that doesn’t require any form of deposit or registration. Start the game and play slots instantly.

The real joy of playing slots comes from cashing in huge progressive jackpots. CasinoGuide provides constantly updated jackpot value in all major casinos on the Net. Go for the largest progressive jackpot!

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Online Slots Options

One of the appealing things about online slots is the wide variety of options you have. No matter what type of game you like to play after you’ve practiced with free slot machine games, there is certain to be an online slot equivalent that will provide everything you are looking for.

Multi-Line Online Slots

These slots allow you to get paid on more than the center-line game you’ve played on the free slot machine. While live multi-reel slot machines usually used to pay at most three lines, today’s online slot machines can pay on ten, 20 or even more lines. While this can give you more ways to win, it can sometimes be hard to see how you have won, given that certain lines may angle up, then down, then across. Still, more winning opportunities are an appealing option for most players.

Multiple Payout Online Slots

The drawback for the multi-line online slots is that you may get less of a payout for your money. In a multiple payout online slot, you get more money on a win for every extra coin you put in when spinning. This may offer you fewer chances to win, but you’ll get bigger wins when you do.

Online Slot Jackpots

Progressive jackpot machines are some of the most exciting online slots to play. These machines offer an enormous payout for hitting a rare combination of symbols with the maximum amount of coins played. The progressive jackpots for some online slots routinely get into the hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. The more people who are paying into the jackpot, the bigger it gets -- so look for super high progressives online and take your best shot.

" "

Play Free Slots Online

Although slots is a straightforward game, it’s a good idea to practice playing free online slots before moving on to real-money action. This will give you a feeling for how the game works. Casino Guide’s free casino slots game requires no download or registration. Just start a game, post virtual money and watch the reels spin. No matter what online casino you visit, slot games always has the biggest payouts – prepare yourself with our free video slots game.

Do you want to try slots with multiple reels and pay lines, bonus games and progressive jackpots? Start playing at Rome Casino , a U.S. site with superb slots variety.

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Learning The Basics By Playing Our Free Slot Game

Many online casino players get their start playing online slots. Online slots bear a great resemblance to the live casino slot machines, especially in today’s casino environment where many live slot machines are outfitted with video screens. Playing online slots is easy and can be even more enjoyable if you start practicing with free online slots games and then follow the following simple rules. We hope you enjoy the game! Keep your eyes open for more free no download slots at this page in the future!

Playing for real

Shop Around For Online Slots

There is an incredible variety of online slots out there, with different themes, symbols, sounds, bonus games and ways to pay out. Don’t limit yourself to just one. Check out the different online slots options available on a few different sites.

Find a Big Progressive Online Slots Jackpot

When you’ve learned the basics in free on line slots and played regular slot games for real money it might be time to look into progressive games. Progressive jackpots are large prizes created by a number of different machines linked together and paying into the same jackpot pool. Since so many people are playing in, the pool gets very large, and one lucky spin can set you up for life. There will be a meter on the progressive screen indicating the size of the jackpot. Keep your eye out for a giant progressive jackpot pool.

>Play the Maximum Amount of Coins In Online Slots

Most online slots, just as this free fun slots game, allow you to play between one and five or more coins. Keep in mind that more coins usually means more ways to win, a larger payout and most importantly, eligibility for the jackpot. If playing five times the basic unit per spin is too much for your bankroll, consider moving down in stakes so that playing the maximum isn’t a hardship. For example, instead of playing one coin per spin at the dollar machine, consider playing five coins at a quarter machine.


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