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Online blackjack is one of the most widely played forms of online gambling. The game has been a staple of the live casino circuit forever and was one of the first entries in the online scene. One of the appealing things about online blackjack is that it offers a competitive house edge, but only if you make the right moves. Here you will learn how to play the game, how to deploy the basic strategy and you even get the chance to practice with our free virtual blackjack trainer.

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Blackjack Rules

When playing blackjack, your decisions really matter. It is not like roulette where you only decide what to bet and then say a prayer to Lady Fortune. In a blackjack game, you must know the rules and your options in every possible situation. Study the blackjack rules before you learn the strategy and hit the tables.

Basic Blackjack Strategy

The most important move you can make when playing online blackjack is to follow basic strategy. Basic strategy is a pre-determined chart of responses to any blackjack situation. The mathematically best plays have already been determined for you. In fact, deviating from this strategy can only decrease your chances of winning. Learn the basic blackjack strategy and reduce the house advantage to a minimum.

Virtual Blackjack Coaching

When you have learned the basic strategy you can test your skills right here at Casino Guide. First of all we offer a free blackjack game that looks exactly like the games you find in online blackjack casinos. Practice with play money and see how you do against the virtual dealer. Play free blackjack >>>

Secondly we offer a unique blackjack trainer in which you will get coaching while playing. Using this tool is great opportunity for those who know how to play the game but need to fine-tune their strategy. Every time you make a mathematically incorrect decision, your coach tells you what you should have done; and as soon as you play without getting any comments, you know how to play blackjack. Visit the blackjack trainer >>>

Variations of the Game

There are more ways to play online blackjack than ever before. Spanish 21 games remove the tens, but add in other favorable rules to make up for it. Games with side bets allow you to win big just by getting the right combination of cards and games like Pontoon have a variety of different rules. Take the time to look at what