Sic Bo Online – Your Complete Guide

Roll the dice and win big! We’ve got everything you need to know about this casino classic including the best casinos, bonuses, and strategies.

Best Sic Bo Online Casinos 2020

Sic Bo is a fast and fairly straightforward game which should appeal to you if you are a fan of other popular casino games, such as Craps or Roulette.

Sic Bo literally means ‘dice pair’, but the game is actually played with 3 dice rather than 2. It is also known by a few other names, including Tai Sai (meaning lucky dice), and Dai Siu (meaning big small).

Take your pick from our recommended online Sic Bo casinos, claim your signup bonus, and play today!

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Why Play Sic Bo Online For Real Money?

Sic Bo is an exciting game in which you can make a wide variety of bets. The game owes much of its success to the rules being relatively simple to pick up. Many players enjoy playing Sic Bo online because you can easily play from the comfort of your own home without stressing out too much about rules and gameplay.

These days, you can play Sic Bo without even visiting your local casino. There are a whole range of casino sites which are totally mobile compatible, which means that you can enjoy a game of Sic Bo online in almost any setting. You can get online and play anywhere, anytime, on almost any device you want!

Online Sic Bo: How To Play

poker dice poker gambling entertainmentYou will find that the rules of playing Sic Bo online are fairly easy to understand. The object of the game is to make a wager on the outcome of the 3 dice. Your first bet is made by choosing your chips’ size and then placing those chips on the area of the Sic Bo table which corresponds to the bet you have just made. When playing Sic Bo online, you will find that the user interface makes doing all this very simple.

After the final bets have been placed, the game will proceed to roll the dice. The result of the dice will then be revealed. Like other games, such as Roulette, Sic Bo has different payouts based on probability and you are able to place as many different bets as you like.

Online Sic Bo Quick Start Guide
  1. Click Play Now on one of the Sic Bo online casinos listed above. Follow the instructions to sign up, make a deposit, and collect your bonus.
  2. Search for and start up a game of Sic Bo. The board may appear confusing at first but don’t worry – we’ll help you make your first bets.
  3. Place a bet on ‘Small’ – this means you will win if the 3 dice total between 4-10 after rolling them. This bet wins approximately 48% of the time. Betting ‘Big’ has the same probability, but requires a total of between 11-17 to win.
  4. Press the ‘Roll’ button to throw the virtual dice, and see what you get. The game will let you know whether you win or lose.
  5. Now let’s try a Single-Die bet. Usually these are towards the bottom of the board – place a bet on the die face that you think will appear, and roll!
  6. Those are two of the highest probability bets in Sic Bo online, meaning they have a decent chance of rolling in a win. But the house always has the edge – read on for other kinds of bets and the odds/house edge of each one.
Online Sic Bo Rules

One of the great things about playing Sic Bo is the wide variety of bets you can make. Here are some examples:


  • Specific Triple: This is a bet in which you bet on a specific triple, such as triple 3s. You win this bet if all 3 dice land on the number 3.
  • Any Triple: In this bet, you win if all 3 dice land on the same number. It doesn’t matter what the numbers are, as long as all 3 dice match.
  • Specific Double: You bet that at least 2 of the dice show a specific, same number.
  • Total: You win this bet if the total of all 3 dice add up to a specific total which you have bet on.
  • Small: You win this bet if the total sum of all 3 dice is between 4 and 10 but the roll is not a triple. Probability of winning is.
  • Big: You win this bet if the total sum of all 3 dice is between 11 and 17 and the roll is not a triple. Probability of winning is 48.61%.
  • Two-Dice: You bet on the appearance of 2 different specific numbers, such as 1 and 6. If these 2 numbers appear, you win the bet.
  • Single-Die: You bet that at least 1 dice will land on a specific number. The payout increases if more than one dice shows the number you bet on.

Sic Bo table

Online Sic Bo Odds

When it comes to Sic Bo, the odds and the house edge can vary a lot depending on where you are playing. If you are playing Sic Bo online, you should always make sure that you are playing at a casino which uses a true random number generator. All of the online casinos you see listed here on this page have been thoroughly vetted and reviewed by the team here at CasinoGuide.

Typically, the house edge in a game of Sic Bo ranges from just under 3% all the way up past 30%. You’ll notice that while the probability of each bet winning remains constant, the house edge changes depending on the Sic Bo online casino’s payout structure for that bet.
Where appropriate, we have shown the house edge for the biggest and smallest payouts typically used – this will give you an idea of the range you’re working within.





House Edge

Specific Triple






Any Triple






Specific Double






Big / Small




Two-Dice (AKA Domino)






1/1, 2/1, 3/1



Depends on bet, see table below.


Total Bet



House Edge

4 and 17






5 and 16






6 and 15






7 and 14






8 and 13






9 and 12







Online Sic Bo Strategies: How To Win

One key thing to remember when it comes to Sic Bo strategies is that Sic Bo is a game of chance. There is nothing you can do to make the specific dice rolls you want happen. The best thing you can do is research the odds of all of the different outcomes and bet accordingly.

Understand that while certain bets may offer big payouts, they are very unlikely to happen. Conversely, those with a higher probability of rolling in pay out lower amounts. When you appreciate Sic Bo odds for what they are, you can have a great time playing the game.

Top 5 Tips For When You Play Sic Bo Online
  1. Use free games as a learning tool: Before you risk your money in a real land-based or online casino, why not give Sic Bo free games a try first? This can help you gain an understanding of the mechanics and odds of the game, ensuring that you are not caught off-guard when playing for real.
  2. Understand the odds: Given that an online Sic Bo game is a game of chance, you would do well to gain an understanding of the odds of specific rolls. There are plenty of Sic Bo ‘cheat sheets’ available online that you can refer to while you play. [link to our own]
  3. Choose the right site: Make sure you are playing Sic Bo online at a reputable and trustworthy online casino which uses true random number generation. All of the Sic Bo sites listed on this page are legitimate and offer reasonable payouts.
  4. Use bonuses: Making intelligent use of the various bonuses which are available to you can really help you to get the most out of your money. The best Sic Bo online bonus offers can be found at the top of this page.
  5. Set a limit: It can be easy to get carried away with exciting casino games such as Sic Bo. You should set a limit for the amount of money you are prepared to lose in a single session and stick to it.
Online Sic Bo Game Variations

There are a few popular variations of Sic Bo around, such as ‘Grand Hazard’. In this game, players bet on the outcome of 3 dice just like in Sic Bo. The dice are kept in a device like a cage that pivots about its center. The dealer rotates the cage end over end, with the dice landing on the bottom.

Another variation on Sic Bo is called ‘Chuck-a-luck’. This game usually features only single-die bets, sometimes with an additional wager for any triple. The payout odds given for this are usually around 30/1. If you’re looking for a completely different kind of dice game, you could also try online Craps.

Live Dealer Sic Bo Online

When playing Sic Bo online, many people enjoy playing live dealer versions of the game. In live dealer games, there is a real dealer streaming live, making all of the rolls.

Many people prefer this because it gives a more personal feel to the game. You may feel like it emulates the feeling of playing in a land-based casino from the comfort of your own home. Why not give live dealer Sic Bo a try and see how you find it?

Sic Bo Online Bonuses

If you want to play Sic Bo online the smart way, you need to ensure you are always taking advantage of bonus offers. Many online casinos offer bonus offers for signing up and making a deposit in order to entice you into playing.

Making good use of these bonus offers will allow you to play games like Sic Bo for much longer. Bonus offers are always changing, so it is a good idea to check your email inbox regularly after signing up. Many casinos offer what are known as ‘reload’ bonuses. You may be able to earn these by playing Sic Bo online, allowing you to get free plays.

Play Sic Bo Online With No Deposit

It’s possible to have some fun with Sic Bo online without even spending any of your own money. There are many casinos available which provide generous no deposit bonuses for you to make use of.

We also have a Sic Bo free game available for you to play on CasinoGuide. This free game is the perfect way to get a feel for how playing Sic Bo online works. Spend a few hours playing our mobile compatible Sic Bo free game and you will be more than ready to take on any Sic Bo table.

Choosing Between Real Money Sic Bo Online Casinos

When we are reviewing online casinos, there are a few factors that we take into account. No Sic Bo online casino makes it into our recommended list.

  • Design: One of our main concerns is the design and the overall user experience of the casino site. We also check things like whether or not the site works well on a mobile device.
  • Bonus offers: The best casino sites are those which offer generous bonuses for you to take advantage of. We do a thorough investigation into the types of bonus offers available.
  • Games selection: Having a well-designed site means nothing if you don’t have a good selection of games to play. We factor the number and quality of games available into our reviews.
  • Payment options: Having the greatest games in the world is of no use if you can’t deposit any money. We check how easy it is to deposit money and start playing, and of course how you can withdraw your winnings when we review a casino.
  • Support: You need to be able to get in touch with the casino if you’re having difficulties. We advise on how you can do this and how good their support service is.
  • Security: We take your security very seriously - we only recommend sites where you can gamble safely.
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Great Mobile Experience
  • Mobile App Available
  • Small variety of table games
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Are Online Sic Bo Games Legit?

You can rest assured that all of the sites we recommend are totally legitimate and play fairly. These sites all use truly random number generators, meaning that the house cannot artificially add an unfair edge to Sic Bo, or indeed any of their online casino games.

You’ll always get a genuine Sic Bo online gaming experience when you try out the casinos on our list above. We’ve done the legwork for you and found all of the best online Sic Bo options, all you have to do is pick one!

Play Sic Bo Online For Real Money Today!

If you want to experience the excitement of playing Sic Bo online, why not try signing up to one of our recommended casinos and play the game for real?

Be sure to check out the various bonus offers available and ensure you are taking advantage of them whenever you can. Just hit the Play Now button and enjoy a thrilling game of Sic Bo today!