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Understand the Sign-Up Bonus

Let's start from the top and investigate the nature of casino bonuses. When you make a deposit in an online casino, the casino will always give you some sort of bonus. Take Casino Tropez' first deposit bonus as an example. They offer 200% up to $/£/€150, which is a unique bonus offer for Casino Guide visitors.

A ""200% up to $150 bonus"" works like this: The casino will give you a bonus equal to 200% of your first deposit, but the maximum bonus is set to $150. Consequently, if you deposit $75 you will get the full $150 bonus.


Wagering Requirements

Naturally the casino won't just give you the money - that would be too easy. No, you have to meet the casino's wagering requirements. If you read the terms and conditions of a specific bonus, you'll find this information; and if you don't find it, I would suggest that you choose a casino where you can find all facts on how to clear the bonus.

The wagering requirement for Casino Tropez' sign-up bonus is 8 x (bonus + deposit). To meet the wagering requirements for the maximum bonus you would have to wager 8 x (150 + 75) = $1,800.

In other words, you must wager $1,800 to get the $/£/€150 bonus.


Wagering Requirements Might Differ

Sometimes, or always, there are different wagering requirements for different casino games. Blackjack, for instance, usually has tougher wagering requirements compared with, say, slots. This is because the house edge is relatively small in blackjack, so the casino must make it harder to clear the bonus.

To clear the Casino Tropez sign-up bonus by playing blackjack you must wager 3 times the standard wagering requirements.

""Bets placed on Blackjack, Blackjack Live, Progressive Blackjack and 21 Duel Blackjack contribute one third of their original value towards wagering requirements. In other words, the sum of the bets placed on this game is divided by three when calculating wagering."" - sign-up bonus terms and conditions.

To get the bonus by playing blackjack (remember that not all variations of blackjack have the same wagering requirements) you must wager $1,800 x 3 = $5,400.


Compare the House Edge and the Expected Bonus Value

If you wish to become a successful bonus hunter, this is where it becomes really important. You must calculate whether or not the bonus value exceeds the amount of money the house has won when the bonus requirements are met. If so, the bonus offers positive expected value.

In blackjack, when you deploy the basic blackjack strategy, the house edge is as low as 1%. When you make a $1 bet, the house will on an average deduct 0.01 x $1 = $0.01. The casino takes one cent and you keep 99 cent. When you play without a pending bonus you can't beat the game, obviously; with a bonus, however, it's possible.


How Much Will the House Take?

We know that you have to wager $5,400 to clear the bonus, and the house's edge is 1%. Say that you make 5,400 $1 bets, and play perfect blackjack, the house has deducted $54 when you've finished. To get this number, just multiply the house edge by the amount you need to turn over to clear the bonus, 0.01 x $5,400 = $54.


How Much Will You Earn?

When the bonus requirements are met, the casino has taken $54 due to the game's in-built edge. But the maximum bonus is $/£/€150. So you has actually made a $96 profit, $150 - $54 = $96.

Now we know that Casino Tropez' first-deposit bonus offers positive expectation.


Things to Consider

Blackjack, and all other casino games for that matter, is made up of a series of random events. This result in fluctuations - sometimes you're up and sometimes you're down. Therefore, it's important that you stick to your original game plan. Don't start raising the stakes to get out of a losing streak. Although the house edge doesn't change depending on how much you bet, you are risking your bankroll in the process.

Remember that your goal is to meet the wagering requirements and then cash out the profit. Never continue playing when the bonus is cleared. When you do that, you're only up against the house edge and will eventually lose your entire bankroll.

Instead, you should go for a new bonus, and Casino Tropez offers two more bonuses, both with positive expected value. And then you can make these calculations in other casinos. Chances are that you'll stumble across other positive expected values.


" " Have you given adequate thought to the ways in which you can derive the maximum benefit from the many casino bonus promotions offered in cyberspace? This is a question that any serious Internet gambler must consider at one point or another, and sooner is always better than later.


Casino Bonuses Offer Genuine Value

Before diving into the specifics of casino bonus promotions, and the ways that smart players will pursue them, it would be wise to clear up a common misconception regarding this issue. Many gamblers are of the opinion that bonuses are only designed to lure maximum deposits away from suckers who think they are getting a good deal. This is far from the truth. While certain online casinos may offer bonus opportunities that are not really in your interest, the vast majority of reputable gaming sites know how to attract and maintain customers by offering genuinely valuable bonuses.


The Sign-Up Bonus

The first kind of casino promotion you are likely to encounter at a given site is the signup or welcome casino bonus. After you've made a deposit and played for a while at the cyber-tables, this same casino is almost certain to offer some kind of loyalty bonus.

The important thing to understand if you are interested in promotions that will enhance, rather than detract from, your gaming experience is that they are not all created equal. The primary rule of thumb you need to remember is to always check the terms and conditions, as they can very a great deal. Tattoo this rule on the inside of your eyelids. Once you agree to any set of terms applying to a casino bonus, you will be held to them with exacting fidelity. Some terms are more generous than others are, which is why it's so always important to read the fine print so that you understand exactly what you're doing.


""Sticky"" or ""Non Sticky""

It's also a good idea to start with casinos offer what are known as ""non-sticky"" bonus opportunities. These can be described as bonuses that you can cash out with no restrictions once you have wagered sufficient sums of money. Obviously, the minimum amount needed to qualify in this regard varies a great deal from one offer to the next, so it's in your interest to shop around until you find the best deal.

""Sticky"" online casino bonuses can't be redeemed, regardless of if you've won or lost, and these will be deducted from your overall total at the time that you do decide you cash out. Obviously, this detracts from the original allure of the bonus that compelled you to signup, and yet, many players never bother to read all the details and don't find out the full truth until it's too late to make a change.

Of course, choosing which games to focus on will also influence a smart strategy for going after promotions. By focusing on skill games like blackjack rather than those of blind chance, your odds improve. As a result, however, bonuses based on these games are less common.